Corporate Survivor

Based off of the hit TV show Survivor, these challenges are both thought provoking and entertaining. Teams will rotate through all 5 activities, competing against each other yet learning from the previous teams’ mistakes. In between each challenge, team members will have 5 minutes to share best practices with the other teams to create a competitive yet collaborative event. After completing each activity, teams will be given a clue with a number on the back. These clues will need to be solved and arranged in the correct order to determine the number sequence to unlock a box containing their final challenge. Once unlocked, the group can begin to complete their final puzzle.  To further incentivize teams, winning teams at each challenge will be rewarded with the easiest clue while all other teams who successfully completed the challenge will receive the clue of moderate difficulty. If a team fails to complete a challenge within the allotted time, they will be given the clue with the toughest difficulty.