Geo Trekking

Geo Trekking, outdoors, hiking, gps course

In this fun, outdoor activity, small groups explore the nearby resort grounds in search of pre-programed GPS waypoints (or caches).  Each team starts the trek with a hand-held GPS unit and sets out to find their specific list of caches.  United EVENTures can customize each cache to include a variety of options, ranging from company or meeting-themed questions, or our Minute Mayhem challenges.  Our Geo Trekking activity is designed so that teams will have to maximize their efficiency and collaboration in order to find as many caches as possible within the allotted time.  Only groups with the very best teamwork can hope to get to locate all the waypoints!   You’ll have to opportunity to watch, first-hand, as your co-worker’s step out of their comfort zone, step up and embrace new challenges, and forge new friendships.  We can setup this event to take any desired amount of time, from a short energizer break between meetings, to an entire afternoon.