Corporate Social Responsibility

Care Package Geo Trekking

In this fun, outdoor activity, small groups explore the nearby resort grounds in search of pre-programed GPS waypoints (or caches). Each team starts the trek with a hand-held GPS unit and sets out to find their specific list of caches. Once the teams arrive at a checkpoint, there will be items there that the teams will pick up to put into a care package for a charity.

Charity Builds

If you are looking to give back to the local area and have fun in the process, then look no further. We will create customized bike builds, toboggan builds, community sports clinics, or even organize a trip to the local food shelter to give a helping hand.

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Conqueror of the Track

In this charity driven team building exercise, groups will be broken up into smaller teams with the goal of building a segment of a race track which remote controlled cars will navigate as the final challenge. Each segment must match up to the other parts of the course, forcing teams to not only make their section challenging, but adding an element of collaboration amongst the competing teams.

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Hands of Gratitude

Hands of Gratitude is about helping someone in need! It’s about making a huge difference and at the same time improving the performance, moral, commitment and Gratitude of your team. Hands of Gratitude is about realizing a greater potential for your team, building a better organization and a better world. Your team will be building 3D Printed prosthetic hands needed by tens of thousands of people around the world as well as right here in the United States.