Corporate Social Responsibility

Help on the Homefront

Your team will track down gear to donate using GPS units. After collecting the items, your team will box and donate them to a local charity. The charity will determine which local military families require your items!

Community Greenhouse

Riverboat Rigatta

Solar Raceway

Benefit local schools by building a solar powered car. Once you and your team complete your creation, all your materials will be donated to a STEM program in a local school.

Playhouse Build

Toboggan Build

This charitable event is perfect for any winter event. Teams will collaborate to build an authentic and usable toboggan. Once complete, teams will donate their creations to a local charity.

Tunes for Tots

Bring out your inner musician, as an experienced musician works with the entire team to create a unified tune. Once you've played your heart out, help your team paint and box the instruments to be donated to a local charity.

Vote with a Butt

Help eliminate the drastic litter that is caused by cigarette butts. You and your team will build an enclosed ashtray. Each box will be designed to encourage smokers to place their cigarette butt as their vote.

Wheelchair Build

The wheelchair build is a great way to infuse gratitude into your groups event. Each team will construct a wheelchair to be donated to a local charity, as well as create their very own personal message to send along.

You Can-Can Build it