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What is your finish line?
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I was going through a bunch of questions on the internet the other day, starting to ramp up the interview process for our Fall Intern Program (which, by the way, you can apply for on our Careers page) when I came across this question: “What is your finish line?” In other words, what does success…

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Try Something New for 30 Days
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I have two questions for everyone reading this article. First, have you ever tried anything new for 30 days? And if not, what would you try new for 30 days? I like to give it a try from time to time. I’ve done the one where you take a picture everyday on your way to…

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You Should Download the @Happify App Today…
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Challenge Accepted! I then was asked a series of questions – presumably to gauge how Happy I am (or with some people – am not). Am I in a serious relationship – How many kids do I have – do I work – Is my life boring. Now I am hooked but I have to…

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3 Reasons to Reduce Your Meat Consumption That Benefit Humans, Not Animals
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In recent years more and more of the United States population have been adopting vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. However, according to Forbes the U.S. is also the second most eat-meating country in the world. Many who choose “veg” lifestyles do so to fight animal cruelty, or to maintain a healthier diet. In fact, a British study cited by Choose Veg shows that…

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What to Listen to on Your Way to Work: Top Podcasts Reviewed
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I have to admit that I’ve never been interested in the idea of podcasts. It always seemed like an odd form of entertainment to me. If I was home, I would watch TV. If I was on a run, I would listen to music. And if I was driving, I would turn on the radio.…

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4 Things to Do in Jersey Before You Die
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Why let tourists have all of the fun? Sometimes when we live in one place for a long time, we forget about all of the amazing things that our state has to offer. Start treating Jersey like a tourist, and don’t forget to visit these four destinations while you are living in the Garden State. Cape May Many know…

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5 Easy Life Changes for a Brighter and Happier Self
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Naturally, human beings are intrigued by the idea of happiness. There seems few things in the world that could be as important as our happiness and the well being of those we love. Luckily, scientists and researchers have been just as preoccupied with the idea of happiness as we are. So we combed through the…

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Reinvent and Understand Yourself Better with This Ted Talk
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Many of us are very tied to the idea of a soul, or inner essence that makes us what we are. Attached to this are our memories, beliefs, desires and knowledge. We spend time with inner reflection and meditation, so that we can become more in touch with this “true self.” However, in Julian Baggini’s…

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5 Reasons to Follow @UrbanNYCHE on Twitter!
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I was searching Twitter for someone who consistently gives out some great content when I came across @UrbanNYCHE. Not only do they give out great content, but they vary what they send out. Sometimes it’s an article and other times it’s a short little quote to get you thinking. If you aren’t following them already,…

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The Best Netflix TV Comedies You Haven’t Watched
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We all tend to get stuck re-watching the same TV shows over and over. It seems better to re-watch episodes of Parks and Recreation for the 8th time instead of trying some new show that you probably won’t even like. So we’re here to tell you about some of Netflix’s secret gems: the diamonds in the rough…

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