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TGIF: Get the Most out of Your Friday by Preparing for Monday
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Fridays in the office are basically dedicated to staring at the clock, making excuses to get coffee, and ducking your supervisor lest they give you a project that makes you stay past 5:30. But the clock watching coffee marathon on Friday can lead to an overloaded and chaotic Monday. There is a solution to your…

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Spotlight on the Sunlight: Jobs that get you Outdoors
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One of my first real jobs out of college had me sitting in a cubicle (yes, the dreaded cubicle) facing a wall that was painted a bright, cheerful yellow. The sunny yellow of the wall didn’t do much to mitigate the fact that I wasn’t  seeing actual sunlight. If that weekend itch to get out…

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United EVENTures: Who We Are
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What comes to mind when your boss says “team building seminar”? A few hours of bad conference center coffee, speed cup stacking, some easy trivia games, and role playing. Does that sound about right? Let’s be honest: As an employer, keeping your employees engaged, connected, and feeling valued is vitally important. Connection and worth are…

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While You Relax at Work Before this Three Day Weekend….
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Here are some of our best pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy your long weekend! [metaslider id=7135]

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It’s the Unofficial End of Summer – Have Some Fun This Weekend!
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Here’s a small sampling of what is going on this weekend: Friday, September 2 to Sunday, September 4 – The 45th Annual Delaware Valley Blue grass Festival – Find out more here! Monday, September 5th – Bubba Gump Shrimp Festival – Head on down to the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City for all the shrimp you can eat! Find…

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Help Us Name Our New Activity!
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We recently had a brainstorming session and this was the result, but there is one problem – our brainstorming session ended before we had a name for this event. So we are turning to you for help! The Event: In this charity driven team building exercise, groups will be broken up into smaller teams with…

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Why the Ball Costs 5 cents…
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The ball costs 5 cents. If a bat and a ball together cost $1.10 and the bat is $1 more than the ball, then $1.05 plus $0.05 is $1.10. I was reading the book, Thinking Fast and Slow, where Daniel Kahneman explains that there are two systems to the brain. There is the fast thinking side…

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Bat and Ball Trivia Question – Warning, This May Make You Crazy
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Here is a trivia question that we often use in our Adventure Quests! You will want to check back later for the answer and explanation… A bat and a ball together cost $1.10. The bat costs $1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

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Link Roundup – Some Useful Links from Around the Web
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Need a Catchy Subject Line for Your Email? 10 Cool Ideas You Can Use I was on Reddit the other day when this post caught my eye. How many times do you send an email to then call then person and say “Did you get my email?” Well here comes help! Take a look at…

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What’s Going on in NJ? – an Open Forum!
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It’s that time of the week again, work week is winding down and we are all getting restless thinking of our weekend adventures. Here are a couple that I found while scouring the internet, if you know of some others, leave a comment below! Thursday, August 25th – The last day of Hot Halloween at…

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