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5 Tips to Sell Anything
768 1024 Darryn Pulanco

  Knowing how to sell is so important. We might have to “sell” our children to eat their vegetables or convince our parents to let us spend the night out. The ability to “sell” is everybody around us, and Shark Tank’s own Robert Herjavec offers five tips to help sell anything to anybody: The first…

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New Jersey Attractions
533 269 SnehaSuri

Visiting New Jersey? Already live here, and looking for something to do? Look no further! Here are the top 5 places you have to visit! I’ve tried all of these and can personally recommend them- They won’t disappoint! NJ Grounds for Sculpture – Hamilton, NJ (My personal favorite! Pick a day with great weather and…

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App Review: @Habitica – Improve your Life with this #RPG
175 175 Darryn Pulanco

Whether it be by writing to-do lists or by keeping a calendar, we all try to find effective ways of staying on track with our schedule and daily habits. However, this is easier said than done, and it can be easy to slack off and let things slide. Fortunately, Habitica offers a solution to help…

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Wellness Activities to Increase Performance
1024 680 Darryn Pulanco

Let’s be real, working in the office can get a little boring sometimes. Staying in your cubicle all day can be tiring, and can result in lower motivation and productivity. Especially with the weather getting warmer and beach days just around the corner, it’s important more now than ever to make the workplace more fun…

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Make Meetings More Enjoyable
660 371 Darryn Pulanco

Workplace meetings can tend to become a drag and become the bane of the employee’s existence. However, there are ways to make these meetings fun and something to look forward to. Here are some tips and tricks: Reduce the number of meetings. If possible, try to use other means of communication, such as text message…

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True Colors Personality Test
800 800 SnehaSuri

Ever wonder what kind of leader you are? The true colors test fills us in! Each color (4 in total) is assigned to a different kind of leadership style. Are you a green (analytical), blue (emotional), gold (organized) or orange (impulsive) leader? How do you prefer to tackle different tasks? What color are you and…

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How to Plan for the Future
1024 640 Darryn Pulanco

  Nowadays, we are able to immediately satisfy our needs, whether it be same-day shipping or doing a quick online search to find the answer to whatever question we have. With this, we can forget the importance of planning for the future. In this Ted Talk, Ari Wallach gives us the proper tools to have…

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Get to Know You: Brian Rendine
1024 1024 MPatton

In today’s get to know you post, we’re talking with our Director of Program Development, Brian Rendine. I am Brian Rendine, outdoor enthusiast, father of two boys and husband to a wonderful wife! United EVENTures is an opportunity for companies to improve their team morale through fun and engaging activities that will leave a lasting impression.…

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The Best Career Advice You Ever Got
275 183 MPatton

The best career advice I ever received, I got from my best friend. I was just starting out freelancing and I thought I must be crazy for leaving a steady-paying but difficult job. Am I supposed to convince people to pay me to just write stuff all day? Apparently, yes. “Just pretend you’re good at…

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Get to Know You: Will Leggett, President and CEO
1024 280 MPatton

A company is only as good as the brains behind the operation. In this week’s Get to Know You blog we’re talking with our President and CEO, Will Leggett. I am an adventurer who loves to be in the wilderness. My passion is hunting whitetail deer with a bow and arrow in remote locations across…

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